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Classic Deer Hunting Podcasts

These are our GO TO deer hunting podcasts. We call these the "classics" because they contain foundational deer hunting knowledge that ANY deer hunter will find valuable. Not to mention, they have produced hundreds of listener success stories! 

These are the podcasts you hear us reference back to often on the show. If you are new to the Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast, start with these. We guarantee you will pick up some valuable deer hunting tips. 


The granddaddy of 'em all. This episode helped launch the podcast into what it is today and it is still one of the absolute best resources you will find on deer hunting via woodsmanship.  No matter where you hunt, you will find serious value in this episode. If you are a new deer hunter who wants to get better, listen to this episode immediately!

Glen tragically passed away about a month after this episode aired. Glen's passing was a huge loss to the southern hunting community, and we are extremely grateful that we were able to capture this interview with him before his passing. 

Originally EP. 141, this is a must-listen for anyone who wants to understand mature bucks. Josh does an incredible job of simplifying the mindset of a mature buck and breaking down what a mature buck needs to live and how we can quickly key in on those features. 


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Hunt thick! This episode focuses on thick cover for hunting whitetails. Adrian specializes in hunting patches of thick cover that hunters often overlook. 


Originally EP. 122, this ismust-listen-to episode on using trail cameras to locate mature bucks, and then backtracking them to their core areas. Jeff has consistently used this tactic successfully for years. 


The ULTIMATE podcast episode on scent when it comes to whitetail deer hunting. Tom Brownlee is a renowned K9 handler and an expert in scent and how it travels with the wind and thermals. 

In this episode, Tom does a deep dive into all things scent and how thermals carry our human scent. We also cover how temperature, pressure, humidity, and more affect your scent stream. We then tie all the information together and discuss how to apply it for better deer hunting success. 

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