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Podcasts on Deer Hunting Mountains, Hill Country, and Big Woods

If you hunt any kind of topography or big woods setting, these episodes are required listening. This list is made up of some of the best deer hunters in the country who consistently tag mature bucks in some of the toughest states and public lands the US has to offer for deer hunting. 

These men are woodsmen, and that is what leads them to CONSISTENT success. No matter your experience level you will find some nuggets of deer hunting gold in these episodes. So run through this playlist and hopefully join the list of hundreds of listeners who have had success in the whitetail woods applying the information below. 


Jim is a true mountain hunter and here we dive in to mountain-specific topics when it comes to how mature bucks use the terrain to their advantage. We also drill down on how we can read the terrain to predict where deer will be, and the best ways to set up on that terrain. 

Adam & Heath Jolly hunt the Appalachian Mountains and have found consistent success on mature bucks with their early-season tactics. In this part one episode we dive in to find a bed a buck uses frequently, putting together a strategy that allows you to hunt the "freshest" most unpressured deer possible & and more. 


Tony Myers is an Alabama legend, and has been putting down upper echelon bucks on both public and private land for decades. He is an unbelevable wealth of knowledge and in this episode he describes how he locates, and successfully hunts, mature bucks in big timber environments. It is also wroth noting that Tony hunts low deer density areas, but is still able to stay on the deer every season. 

No big woods deer hunting list would be complete without our good buddy Michael Perry! Another Alabama legend, Michael has been consistent on big deer for decades now and currently holds the Alabama state record muzzleloader buck, which you see pictured here. Oh, and he got it on public ground. Michael is a woodsman in every sense of the word and is a gifted communicator when it comes to sharing his knowledge. In this episode, he discusses how he locates the best funnels in huge expanses of big woods, and how he knows which one to hunt at what time. This is a cant miss episode if you are a hill/mountain hunter. 


Michael Perry, Jamie McKay, and Wes Moye on Growing into a Great Hunter

We like Perry so much that we had to put him on the list twice! On this episode we had a roundtable with 3 of the best hunters we know - Michael Perry, Jamie McKay, and Wes Moye. Each of these hunters has a very long history of tagging big bucks year after year in Alabama. Each of these hunters also specifically hunts big woods, and hill country settings - and in this episode, you will find discussions on breaking down the big woods hill country into bite-sized chunks, and systematically hunting the bucks you find. 


This is a GREAT episode to listen to for honing your skills when it comes to setting up on specific terrain features. Justin does a deep dive on the specifics of set ups in the mountains. How to account for thermals, how to know what you can get away with, how to set up on terrain features so you have ample shot opportunities at any buck that may come by, and more. 

This is a fantastic episode for anyone who hunts mountains or hills. If you know how to find good terrain features but haven't had any luck on them yet, this episode is sure to help you work out the kinks and get on target this season. 

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