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A Mississippi Pine Thicket MONSTER!

Tanner Powell of Mississippi put down an absolute stud of a buck during Mississippi's 2023 velvet season! Huge congrats to Tanner and thanks for sharing your story! Here is what Tanner said:

Hey guys, long time listener here from central Mississippi. As y’all know we had our velvet season this past weekend. As the lord would have it I struck the first afternoon on my target buck for there year, which played the script perfect. I always start my year off by re listening to Glen Solomon and Richard Fought the days prior to opening day. It couldn’t have made more sense than to be on top of this buck just how Mr Glen explains it. I found this deer back in July on the side of some soybeans fields I then started back tracking him with cell cams to a bedding area about 250 yards from where he was coming out in the beans. I knew then with the stars aligned and the perfect wind he was good as dead. So I stayed out never went back in only watched from a far a few days before season with no luck at laying eyes on him. Opening day I knew the morning was not the time for me to go in and try and kill so I set back and dove in the woods about 1pm and got set up. As I’ve heard so many times from Mr Glen the first time is the best time. I starting seeing deer around 4pm and new then my wind was perfect and it was going to be a good chance I was gonna get him this afternoon. The first 2 bucks grazed around and kind of tethered out. To take a step back I’m hunting a distinct transition zone from big hardwoods to 7-8 year old pines where he’s bedded as I’ve heard y’all talk about so much. Anyways as luck would have it I seen the first buck from his bachelor group come out of the thicket on the trail I was set up on for about a 25yd shot. He came through never winding me I was sprayed down and camp dusted up lol. Another buck appears and I knew then he was close because I’ve studied my trail cams. It was a nice 16in 8 pt and right behind him was the target buck. The second buck worked through never looking in my direction and then I finally laid eyes on the buck we named SPLITTERS. He was about 50 yd just on the edge of the thicket at about 645. Just munching on green briar. He followed the other bucks right down the trail and at 25yds I stopped him and sent one right in the pump house. I watched the lighted knock run off knowing he was smoked when I seen the knock stop wobble a few times and fall over. The excitement set it and I called my best buddy as soon as I seen home drop to bring the Calvary that he’s dead the ones we’ve seen so many pictures of and lost so much sleep over. Just wanted to share that with you guys man I listen to every podcast and have learned so much i thought I knew but didnt you guys have a great show for us pine thicket hunters and it’s greatly appreciated.
Keep doing y’all’s thing guys and best of luck this season.

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