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Finding the Right Terrain Features for Big Bucks

Kyle Schildgen was able to tag a nice buck in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas by focusing on specific terrain features.

As Kyle mentions in his story the tactics explained by Chuck Young in episodes 384 and 390 of The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast were key. The tips given out by Chuck in those episodes have produced a ton of listener success stories since it aired, especially for our listeners who hunt in big woods mountain settings.

Chuck keys in on secondary ridge points on morning hunts. He likes to find where a secondary point connects to a main ridge in proximity to another terrain feature, like the saddle Kyle mentions here. Chuck watches down the secondary ridge point and often catches bucks coming up the draws on ether side of the point in the morning. For an in depth explanation, check out the episodes mentioned in the story.

I just want to say thanks for all y'all do! My skill as a hunter has greatly improved since discovering The Southern Outdoorsmen a couple years ago. I have been able to find consistent success implementing and adapting tactics I have learned from y'all and your guests.
This past week I was able to harvest a nice 8 point for the area I hunt and also a big doe while still hunting in the Ouachita national forest near my home. The day before, I was still hunting my way up a lower mountain that lead up to a saddle and found a really fresh scrape with a nice rub line.
A few steps up from there I stopped near a thick blow down and saw this buck cruising about 50 yards above me. I couldn't get a shot off due to some obstructions in my way. The next day I decided to approach the area I wanted to hunt the in the same way. I was higher on the mountain when I looked down and 40 yards below me he came cruising from the other direction.
When he came broadside I shot and got him with a high lung shot, he ran 20 and crashed! Chuck Young's episodes 384 and 390 really helped me to look for better terrain features I could understand because of living in the Ouachita's. Last year I was able to call in and kill an 8 point using Richard Fought's episodes on calling. There is always some tip or tactic I have been able to take away with every guest you guys have on the show. Since I started listening to y'alls podcast I have been able to fill my freezer from public land deer and I'm seeing better quality deer. Thanks again!
- Kyle Schildgen
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