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Catching a Buck after the Rain

Brayden Harper recently capitalized on a storm front to get Infront of a great Georgia National Forest buck.

The situation that Brayden describes here is one of my absolute favorite scenarios for a deer hunt. Some rain pushed through and the backend of the rain brings nice sunny weather. I have killed several deer by intentionally taking time to hunt the backside of a rain storm, and Brayden's story is one of many listener success stories that include hunting such a weather condition.

Brayden also mentioned the classic of all classics when it comes to The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast...episode 116 with Glen Solomon. That episode changed the format of the podcast, and has led to dozens of listener success stories. Glen tragically passed away a few months after we interviewed him, and we are extremely grateful for the time we got to spend talking to him. His generosity in sharing his tactics have made a difference for a lot of hunters, even after his passing. Here is Brayden's story:

So on this hunt a big storm front moved through the previous night and into the morning and it quit raining at about 9:00 a.m. I thought with the heavy rain all night that when the woods finally got quiet the deer would start to move.
I loaded up and got into a tree about 12:30 in the afternoon in a spot I had taken a buck out of last year on some National Forrest land. At about 2:00 the woods got real quiet and the sun began to peak through a little and sure enough I had a big doe come strolling through just eating some acorns. She finally moved off and I didn’t see another deer until about 3:45 which was a small spike. The spikes body language just seemed as if he was somewhere he wasn’t really supposed to be he kept looking around and never would just stay still.
After about 15 minutes or so of just watching the spike and I just so happened to turn and look to my left and I saw him standing on the other side of a small thicket just feeding. So I got my gun up got him in the crosshairs and the rest is history.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for 2 years or so and my hunting strategies and woodsman-ship have completely changed for the better. Episode 116 with Glen Solomon steered me in the right direction on what to look for and the thicker it is the better. I’ve been using his style of hunting for 2 years now and have been able to harvest pressured public land deer both years.
I appreciate all that you guys do and keep up the good work.
- Brayden Harper

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