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Grunting Up a Virginia Mountain Buck

Andrew Bright successfully utilized some calling techniques he heard on The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast in the Virginia mountains and was able to tag a great buck! Andrew said:

I was hunting the big woods of Virginia on a large tract of public land. It was my first time hunting there.
I was hunting with a friend of mine that I guide for trout with. He had a lot of knowledge about the area from scouting and hunting in past years. I followed Travis up the mountain in the dark on the first morning. We split off from each other right before daylight and I climbed up on top of the ridge and got up a tree where I had a good observation post.

I seen bucks chasing doe at daylight so I climbed down and relocated my sticks and platform in a flash so I was now in the game. I filmed a small 6pt from the new spot at 9:30 am. That was the last deer I saw rest of the day November 7th. The next morning got in my saddle 30 minutes before dark. As soon as light hit I started doing tending grunts in a circle around my tree about every 25 minutes, which I took that from Richard Fought's interviews on the podcast. The 8pt came in on a string at 7:45 about 10 minutes after my last grunt sequence! He stopped at 40 yards looking for the buck he thought he herd and he found my knight 50 cal muzzleloader!!

Huge congrats to Andrew on a fantastic buck and a great hunt! There is something to be said about going to a brand new place and finding success.

Out of the 400+ episodes we have published up to this point, none have produced more listener success than Richard Fought's calling techniques in episode 290. We get gobs of listeners writing in every fall since that episode aired showing us pictures of their bucks and letting us know how the hunt went down. If you are interested in calling in whitetail bucks using grunting & rattling, episode 290 of The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast is an absolute must listen.

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