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Hurricane Bucks

Cody Richetta tagged a great buck in Georgia on the front end of hurricane Nicole. It seems like several factors went into this successful hunt, the storm certainly being a big one. Another big factor seems to be the fact that Cody specifically targeted a parking area with very little traffic.

This is a theme that comes up often on the podcast, looking for a parking spot that few others are using. Obviously getting away from hunting pressure with bode well for you, but there is a little more to it than that. When you access an area from an off the wall spot you are approaching the deer in a way that they don't expect. I am a firm believer that deer pattern us just like how we pattern them. Deer cannot use reason of course, but they learn though association similar to a dog. Deer learn where people typically access the woods from, and adjust accordingly to avoid that pressure.

The simple tactic of parking along the side of the road and side-hilling to your spot rather than using the parking area 300 yards away can put you in a position for success. I also love how Cody walked, bumped a buck and then planned immediately to come back in as soon as possible. Strike while the iron is hot friends, and if you find hot feed trees like Cody did, you need to hunt them ASAP! Especially if you bump deer off of the feed, what better sign do you need than a real live buck standing under the oaks you are checking? This story gets me so fired up, and already looking forward to hunting hot feed trees this October and November.

Here is Cody:

So I got drawn for a quality buck quota hunt to a WMA I’ve never been to.
Started scouting by the camping entrance and realized that everyone else was also using this entrance. I left found a small pull off and saw no sign of people so I headed in and found a bunch of oaks dropping took a couple more steps and jumped a nice buck. So I immediately backed out and planned on getting there super early in the morning. Also had hurricane Nicole coming in the next day so I decided to tough it out and sit in the light rain before the storm and saw 3 racked bucks and then finally around 9am a decent 8 pointer gave me a shot.

The podcast with Glen Solomon and Tim Knight helped me tremendously
Hunt deep, hunt thick and get away from the pressure
- Cody Richetta

To get the same tips and tactics that helped Cody find success, make sure you listen to episodes 116 and 188 of The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast

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