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Louisiana Velvet!

State: Louisiana

Hunt: 11 Oct. 2022

Listener Kahn Petite recently had some luck on Louisiana public land after shifting focus to thickets. Describing the hunt, Kahn said:

I killed this full velvet buck on Louisiana public land on October 11th during my 4th hunt of the season. This was actually the 2nd buck I’ve shot since the season opener on the 1st, unfortunately, I did t recover the first one.
This year I’ve specifically tailored my hunting style to Glenn Solomon and Adrian Farleys. I’ve only hunted super thick bedding cover much like Glenn talked about in his episode. Since strictly hunting super thick cover me and my hunting partner have had opportunities at 7 public land bucks with a bow going back to the end of last season.
I would strongly encourage all your listeners to go listen to Glenn’s podcast episode specifically. Since employing Glenn’s tactics my public land hunting experience has improved dramatically. Still haven’t been able to connect with a giant yet, but have had opportunities.
- Kahn Petite

Episode 116 - Extreme Deer Hunting Tactics with Glen Solomon is certainly a "classic" when it comes to the podcast. Glen was a true woodsman and we were lucky to have him share his knowledge on the show shortly before his passing. His tactics focus heavily on hunting deer where they are comfortable, and in the episode we do a deep dive into how he knows he has found the "right thicket", and how he finds a back door into a bucks bedroom.

You can listen to the episode here at one of these links:

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