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Our measure for success

Welcome to the listener success section of our site! Here you can submit your stories to us for a chance to be featured here and on our socials. This is our main gauge for how successful our content is. Simply put, the more of you who are going out into the field and having success, the better we are doing.

We want to focus on real-world tactics that work on the same public lands, leases, and hunting clubs we all hunt. You letting us know about your success is not only a great feeling for us, but it lets us know that we have been on the right track with guest selection and topics.

Submit anything you'd like with the form pinned to the top of the page. Maybe you had an encounter with your target buck, maybe you tagged your biggest buck to date, maybe you got your first deer, or maybe your kid got their first. Whatever the case may be, share it with us!

We can't thank you enough for being a listener of the show. We sincerely hope that whatever you find in our podcasts, articles and videos will help you become a better woodsman and help you enjoy your time in the woods more. We wish you the best of luck this season!

- Andrew Maxwell

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